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Coffee and Bikes Together Forever

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Coffee and Bikes are in a way united. It has made me think recently about my obsession with the two. At the end of my ride I regularly stop at the coffee shop to buy a coffee as a way of rewarding myself for getting out. I began thinking about the coffee culture associated with bike-riding and decided it was pretty plain and simple; coffee and riding have become more than just buying a coffee, it’s a meeting room, a hub for riders and riding bunches, perhaps even a workshop or a networking opportunity.

My obsession with coffee doesn’t finish at the café, I’m a sucker for a take-away, having to carry my cup in my bike bidon holder, not designed for a cup in anyway shape or form. So my research began, and I found the best solution, a Bike Coffee Holder, it safety holds your coffee cup, or keep-cup, and you can transport your coffee home, to work or take it on a ride.

So there it is, the coming of two great loves, drinking coffee and riding my bike; a coffee-drinking bike-riders dream. Check out my Accessory page for more info, I now sell them for all those other coffee loving riders, you will love it!

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