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No Pressure System here

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On a recent trip to Merimbula on the south coast of NSW, my mountain bike would normally be out of the bikerax and straight to Tathra for some much needed bush track time, however the water was calling me this trip.  The warm waters from the north had finally made its way down south and the temperature at Bar Beach was perfect to try out some paddle boarding.  I have longed for my own board (mind the pun), and after chatting with Steve from Pressure System Paddleboards I was pretty much hooked.  Steve's, a local guy, who's passion for the surf lead him to begin designing and importing paddle boards into Australia.

Steve's designs are slightly varied, he's incorporated his extensive knowledge of surfboard shapes along with flat water shapes to come up with his designs, he offers 10 different designs to choose from (including kids), which makes it hard to pick between them.  Steve clearly has one for every occasion, whether it's a slow paddle up a lake or riding the waves in the surf.  What made me laugh is he struggled to sell me one that was right for me because his passion meant he loved them all and couldn't give me a definitive answer on what I should buy.  

I went home the first day after spending an hour with Steve trying out every board and still had no inkling of which one to purchase, to be honest I appreciated this about Steve, buying off him knowing he was honest and genuine, not a typical salesman wanting to make a quick sale, but truely loved his products and was passionate about his boards.

Unlike some other big SUP board brands Steve's prices seemed reasonable, for $1395 I got my very cool SUP board (picture attached), carbon fibre paddle, heavy duty bag to protect it when it's stored and a spring coil leg rope, he also threw in a hoodie which my husband loves!  Steve has offered to take me out and help me ride the waves next time I'm in town, now that's service I do apprecaite!  Next time I'm in Merimbula I'll be contacting him for a lesson above beginner, as I'm hoping I'll get some Port Philip Bay time between now and next summer.

Oh, and if you're wondering how I decided which one to buy - I went for my favourite colour ;-)

You can check out Steve's boards on Facebook @pressuresystemsurfingindustries or web: www.pressuresystempaddleboards.com.au

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